Steady Progress

Our repair and maintenance efforts are still ongoing. 90% of our trail network is now again very rideable, including the ditch – known locally as “Die Bouchard Sloot” – where we’ve put in a tremendous effort to dry some parts out.
The Vrede Farm Bridge and culvert under the road has been repaired, and we’ve added a brand new bridge at the bottom of Vrede Farm and Volmoed to cross the wet area (before just muddy, now a flowing river).
We’ve done a bit of work along the Blue Route to help dry the trail out as well – huge thanks to Haygrove Heaven Farm for donating some drainage pipes we used here.
You also no longer have to drive down to the river and use the staircase at Camphill. The hole has been partially filled and we are now allowed to ride alongside it once more.

Everything is all good for a decent weekend’s riding!!!

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