Even though the Hermanus MTB Trail network receives no financial aid from any entities and are currently solely relying on income from permits sales and trail fess with events, we will be not be able to maintain this network without the support of various people. 

Hermanus Adventures – the maintenance team and events liaison for the network. 

Dusty Feet Outdoor Pursuits who manages and works alongside our trail maintenance team and takes charge of all new builds and trail additions.

The Wine Village – Supporter of the trail network from its onset in various shapes and forms.

Hermanus Village Cycles – Sale point for our permits as well as unofficial trail head, Village Cycles supports all our riders in many ways as well as being the ears to the ground. 

KAD Construction – Regular support in terms of timber and gravel, mostly off building sites which are being demolished etc. KAD has saved us loads of money the last couple of years, with us being able to reuse timber for bridges and berms. 

Coastal Trusses – Whenever new timber has to be acquired, Coastal is always there to help us where they can, and also always willing to give advice and support where they can when it comes to construction.

Hermanus Tourism – Always there to support and advertise whenever we have anything special happening on the trails, and also does their best to bring us more events. 

The various landowners along our routes without who our network will not be in existence. 

{ W = Wine Tasting; R = Restaurant; A = Accommodation; V = Venue }

The Overberg Training Institute

Bona Dea Estate  [ V ]

Camphill School

Camphill Community Farm

Volmoed Accommodation and Venue [ A ]

Die Plaaskombuis [ R/V ]

Vrede & Lotter Wines [ R ]

Bosman Wines [ W/R/V/A ]

Oldlands Stud Farm 

South End Farm [ A ]

Hasher Family Estate [ W ]

Moya’s Vineyards

Newton Johnson Vineyards [ W/R ]

Bouchard Finlayson Winery [ W ]

Hamilton Russell Vineyards [ W ]

Nadeson Park Stud Farm [ A ]

Haygrove Heaven

Ataraxia Wines [ W ]

Nidderdale Farm and Venues [V/A ]

Domaine des Dieux [ W ] 

Creation Wines [ W/R ]

La Vierge Wines [ W/R ]

Cap Maritime Hermanus