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Due to our routes changing on a regular basis, we ask that users stick to the route markers on the day. PLEASE DO NOT ride on memory, as landowners change and so do routes. For this reason we don't have gpx files to download and we ask that you do not follow old event routes in this way. The popular website TRAILFORKS is also an incomplete and inaccurate reflection of our network.
CLOCKWISE riding only! Please do not ride in "reverse."
For Example - The W2W come down the Onrus River Gorge every year, though that is opposite to our usual route direction. Riders coming down here are likely to put the lives of those following the correct route, as well as their own, at serious risk.


Our network, and in fact the entire Hemel & Aarde Valley, were devastated by the recent September floods, which saw over 420mm of rainfall in 48hours. The Onrus river came down with such force that it has literally changed its course in numerous places. If you take a look towards Babylonstoren Mountain in the north-east, you will see around 100 landslides - a testament of the amount of water that came down.
Subsequently, we lost quite a few routes and basically all our bridges. We have been working tirelessly to repair bits and pieces as we can, but in some cases the damage is simply too much.

20 December 2023 UPDATE
We have managed to restore the majority of our network. The one major difference is still that access to the network is via the R320 (tar road) where you will be riding on the road. Most of the road is single lane traffic, but there are some sections where caution must be taken! There will be a turn off the tar road to enter the network, but your return trip will have to be via the R320 from Camphill Rd.
The Green Route is a bit disrupted, but you'll find your way around. The BLUE and RED route is basically back to normal, while we have a new section to replace the BLACK route, which we lost the majority of in the floods.

If you are riding with your kids, we suggest driving to the Hermanus Parkrun (on Google Maps) area and using this area as your park and ride. There are various loops available in the area and you are sure to have load of fun, and will always be close to your vehicle.

BIKE RENTAL – GoBike Hermanus,  +2782 879 1735

Green Route:

Perfect for beginners and families, the Green Route is the shortest option for a ride in our valley. A mixture of jeep and single track, even the Green Route will test your skills a little, which is why it is a frim favourite for MTB skills training by our local coaches.  At the center of the Green Route is also a short circular track - "4 Kids" - which is a popular destination for youngsters. Here parents can sit and watch their children doing laps and having a great deal of healthy fun, while they enjoy the forest sounds and fresh air.



EST. DURATION: 30-60 min

HIGHLIGHTS: Two Rope Bridges; "Snakes and Ladders" flow trail; "4 Kids Sake" Track; "Feetjie Bos" Trail

Blue Route:

The Blue Route is a lovely MTB trail, ideal for families with a little trail experience, or those just starting out with the sport. With only short, not too hectic, climbs, this trail also has the option for a stop at Die Plaaskombuis, where you can enjoy a little refreshment, around the halfway point.  This trail is also the ideal challenge for the youngsters, though mountain bikes with a wheel size of 24” or larger is recommended. 

The Blue Route is very popular with families and beginner groups, as well as youngsters training and working on their fitness. It includes sections used most years for big events like the Wines 2 Whales and will not disappoint.

DISTANCE: 11.5km


EST. DURATION: 60 - 90 min

HIGHLIGHTS: Two Rope Bridges; Die Plaaskombuis for refreshments; "River Radness" Trail; "Snakes and Ladders"; "4 Kids Sake"; "Feetjie Bos"

Red Route

The Red Route is a decent challenge for those “weekend warriors” and serious riders alike. The route will take you up the Onrus River Gorge and bring you to De Bos dam wall – amazing spot for a photo! Follow the trail around the back of La Vierge, onto Karwyderskraal Road. Here you will be required to cross the R320 at the Stop, from where you will drop down to Bouchard Finlayson, and then further down towards Vrede and Die Plaaskombuis. Shortly after Die Plaaskombuis you will again cross the road into Mountain Rose Drive, which will take you around Hamilton Russel up the challenging "Witklippies" until you reach Rotary Way and enjoy the amazing view of our town. You will drop back down into the valley on Southern Right Farm, where you’ll cross the road and enter the forest again for an unforgettable trip back towards the start/end of the trails.



EST. DURATION: 90-120 min

HIGHLIGHTS: Onrus River Gorge Waterfalls; Bouchard Finlayson; Vrede; Die Plaaskombuis: "Witklippies"; Rotary Way; "The Bypass"; "River Radness"

Black Route
The traditional BLACK route, via Nadeson Park, Ataraxia and Spookfontein is STILL CLOSED.
For the time being though, we have introduced a new section as our Black Route.
The new shorter, but taxing Black Route will start you off with some early fun at Barrel Loop, and Proper MTB, before it takes you through an amazing trail to Volmoed. At the dam, you will start a nice descent - Puff Daddy (included in Stage 3 of 2023 Epic) - over to Bosman Wines. After a pretty rough descent, you will cross Karwyderskraal Road to access farmland we've never before visited by bike! The trail will take you on some taxing farm roads, right to the top of the valley farm border, before a speedy descent towards the dam. Next will be a loop around Southend farm, where you will experience pear and apple orchards, as well as some amazing fynbos views before dropping do to the top of the Debos Dam.
You will join the RED route on the Debos Dam wall to climb the grueling Witklippies for the most amazing view of Hermanus, before dropping back into the valley via "The Bypass" (Stage 1&3 of 2023 Epic), before making you way back towards the trail start via some amazing forest trails.



EST. DURATION: 180+ min

HIGHLIGHTS: "Barrel Loop"; "Puff Daddy"; De Bos Dam; "Bosman Wines vineyards and fynbos"; "Southend Orchards"; Bouchard Finlayson; "Witklippies"; Rotary Way; "The Bypass"

Trail Rules and the T's & C's

  • • Use the trail at own and absolute risk

• Only permit holders are allowed on the trails

• Do not cycle, walk or run alone

• NO DOGS on the Private Properties of farms. Dogs only allowed in the first, forested area. PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOGS ON LEAD.

• Abide to Portage, Horse and Dangerous notifications

• No litter/ no smoking/ no fires/ no shouting is allowed

• Stay on the marked route

• No quads, motorbikes and/or vehicles (excluding those of landowners and their staff) are allowed on the route and will be confiscated

• E-Bikes are allowed – no electric motorcycles or vehicles are allowed

• Obey the instructions of cycling marshals and land owners on the trails

• Report any transgressions immediately to Kobus – 071 862 1440

• The trails are clock wise, no ‘against traffic’ is allowed (the first +- 1 km is two way traffic)

• NO CYCLING allowed in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve from Rotary Way, or down towards town from Rotary Way – PLEASE OBEY THE “NO CYLCING BEYOND THIS POINT” SIGNAGE



EMR Ambulance services – 076 585 0899

Schalk – 082 591 3351

Kobus – 071 862 1440




By buying a permit the participant acknowledge that they fully understand and accept that such activity (mountain biking/trail running/hiking/cycling) shall be undertaken at the participants absolute own risk and undertake on behalf of themselves and the applicant to indemnify, hold harmless and absolve DUSTY FEET, Kobus Stofberg, Hermanus Adventures and it owners and staff, The Hemel and Aarde Trails, the owners of the land on which trails pass and all their associated companies and organizations and their employees and representatives acting in such capacity, against and from any claims whatsoever which may arise in connection with any loss and/or damage to the person and/or property of the applicant and the course of such activities.