Trail Permit Honesty Box

Welcome to Hermanus Trails!


Please fill in your details in the booklet provided.

Your name, surname, contact number, e mail and the date is required.

One permit per person.

Put your cash in the provided envelope.

Drop the envelope into the slot at the front door.

Keep the top copy as proof of payment and show it when asked for by marshals.

*Please note that permit no’s are checked daily*

You will be asked to leave the trails immediately or pay the marshal if:

Your permit is not dated

Your permit is back dated

You don’t have a permit

Please help us stop riders that abuse the trail and ride without permits by reporting them to us.

Riders abusing the trails will be put on our black list.

Annual permits are available at the following locations:

At the Wine Village during business hours.

White Stone Cycles 

Village Cycles 


Enjoy the Trails!